Megalotragus atopocranion (Bovidae), Late Pleistocene, East Africa

This is the most popular of fossil alcelaphines because of a unique feature in mammals: a domed skull with hollows and air passages, which probably were used for infrasonic communication with fellows. M. atopocranion was a grazer, which was possibly hunted by modern man (Homo sapiens). It is better known under its synonym Rusingoryx atopocranion, named after its location Rusinga Island at Lake Victoria.

Coloured pencil, 2018

30 x 24 cm

Abschied von Marcus Burkhardt

Alles was schön ist, bleibt auch schön,
auch wenn es welkt.
Und unsere Liebe bleibt Liebe,
auch wenn wir sterben.
Maxim Gorki

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