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Old wool spinning mill in Ziegenrück. Today it is part of the museum for hydrodynamic power.

Ink, 2018

24 x 16 cm

Renaissance houses in Ziegenrück (Thuringia). The left one shows the date 1546.

Oil paint on paper, 2018

40 x 30 cm

Eurasian aurochs (Bos primigenius primigenius) in front of a settlement of the Bandkeramik culture. The aurochs is a wild cattle that became extinct in 1627 and is the ancestor of our domestic cattle.

Coloured pencil, 2015

42 x 29,5 cm

Sachsens Geschichte unterm Acker – Landwirte schützen Denkmale, 2015, Sächsischer Landtag www.archaeologie.sachsen.de/5822.htm

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