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A dodo chick (Raphus cucullatus) is begging for food. Probably the dodo has feed his chicks with crop milk as their relatives, the pigeons, do. The dodo died out in the 17th century and today it’s one of the best examples for an exterminated animal. But it is only one of many birds that are lost in Mauritius.

Acrylic paint on paper, 2018

32 x 24 cm

Sketches of a passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), drawn from a zoological specimen at the Natural History Museum Erfurt. The last one of this bird species died in 1914. It was native in North America.

Pencil, 2018

21 x 15 cm

Encounter with Aepyornis maximus

A Madagasy man of the Bara type faces a bird which extinction is caused by his species: elephant birds, also known as vorompatras, belong to the biggest birds of Earth history and lived probably until the 17th century. Anyway this bird has an importance for the natives until today: the shells of the big eggs are collected and sold to tourists. The aborigine has a gusset hairstyle, which was still a distinctive feature between the different clans of Madagascar a hundred years ago. The hair gussets were often covered in a layer of wax.

Coloured pencil, 2016/17

59,5 x 42 cm

MoVo – Moderne Vogelbilder, 2017, Heineanum Halberstadt

Quagga (Equus quagga quagga): An exterminated South African subspecies of plains zebra. The last one died in the Artis-Zoo in Amsterdam in 1883.

Oil on canvas, 2015/16

70 x 50 cm

Art & Vielfalt – Impressionen aus der Tierwelt, 2016, Museum für Naturkunde Magdeburg

Eurasian aurochs (Bos primigenius primigenius) in front of a settlement of the Bandkeramik culture. The aurochs is a wild cattle that became extinct in 1627 and is the ancestor of our domestic cattle.

Coloured pencil, 2015

42 x 29,5 cm

Sachsens Geschichte unterm Acker – Landwirte schützen Denkmale, 2015, Sächsischer Landtag www.archaeologie.sachsen.de/5822.htm

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