The former home of the executioner at the Finstertor in Görlitz (today it is the domicile of a Saxon workcamp) has a solid ground floor made of dressed stone. A timber frame construction in a Franconian style forms the upper floor, where potentially the flat was placed. The executioner of Görlitz moved to this place in 1571, after he residenced within the town, and not outside of the surrounding wall where the depicted house is located. At the house wall showing to the road there is a tablet with the inscription “1666 L. S. B.”, which is pointing to the best known executioner of Görlitz named Lorenz Straßburger. At the lower gable end there is a second tablet with the inscription “Im Jahre Christi A 1676 | LSB” and a drawing of a sword.

Watercolour, 2017

32 x 24 cm

Abschied von Marcus Burkhardt

Alles was schön ist, bleibt auch schön,
auch wenn es welkt.
Und unsere Liebe bleibt Liebe,
auch wenn wir sterben.
Maxim Gorki

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