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Mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi)

Pencil, 2020

29,5 x 21 cm

Artwork for the clarification of the buildup of divers boxes from north Sulawesi, which are made from several plant materials. Inserted are thin wooden strips, which are connected with fibers and covered with partly dyed leaves. The leaves and fibers originate probably from the palmyra- or doub palm (Borassus flabellifer) and talipot palm(Corypha umbraculifera). The skew in the upper part comes from a slip lid, which is not shown here. The sketch above shows the buildup of the both braided tapes, which are visible on the outside of the boxes as ornament.

The boxes date likely in the 19th century and were probably used to contain betel nuts (called “Sirih” by the locals). As usually, they were from different size to store and transport them interleaved.

Watercolor and ink, 2019

32 x 24 cm

Contribution for the documentary about a restoration of four boxes from north Sulawesi, conducted by Alice Costes in the degree course for conservation and restoration of archaeological, ethnological and handicrafted objects at the National Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.

Wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee)

Oil paint on canvas, 2020

30 x 24 cm

Java Banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus)

Watercolour, 2020

32 x 24 cm

Bali myna (Leucopsar rothschildi)

Acrylic and tempera on paper, 2018

32 x 24 cm

MoVo – Moderne Vogelbilder, 2019, Heineanum Halberstadt

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