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Udurchukan-Formation with Olorotitan arharensis, nodosaurid und troodontids; Late Cretaceous, Russia

Acrylic- and oil paint on canvas, 2019

4th Price at the “11th International Scientific Dinosaur Illustration Contest 2019”


Deinonychus antirrhopus (Dromaeosauridae), Early Cretaceous, USA

Mixed media, 2018

42 x 29,5 cm

Barroisiceras onilahyense (Collignoniceratidae), Late Cretaceous, Madagascar

Acrylic and oil paint on paper, 2018

32 x 24 cm

Winner of the 1st price in the category “Amateur Fossil Drawing” at the INTERNATIONAL PALEONTOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION CONTEST, organized by IPC 5.

Wendiceratops pinhornensis (Centrosaurinae) & Stegoceras validum (Pachycephalosauria), Late Cretaceous, North America

Ink, 2018

29,5 x 21 cm

For “Prehistoric Times” magazine, issue 126

Hatzegopteryx thambema (Azhdarchidae) Balaur bondoc (Avialae), Late Cretaceous, Romania

Pencil, 2017

29,5 x 21 cm


Pteranodon (“Geosternbergia“) sternbergi (Pterodactyloidea), Late Cretaceous, North America

Pencil, 2017

29,5 x 21 cm

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