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Tyrannosaurus rex during dust bathing; Late Cretaceous, North America

Acrylic and Tempera on paper, 2018

40 x 30 cm

Rajasaurus narmadensis (Abelisauridae) & Sanajeh indicus (Alethinophidia), Late Cretaceous, India

Pencil, 2018

29,5 x 21 cm

For “Prehistoric times” magazine, Issue 127

Sketches of Syrian brown bears (Ursus arctos syriacus)

Pencil, 2017

29,5 x 21 cm

The picture originated during an educational jurney to the South of France at the zoo of Montpellier.


Sebecus icaeorhinus was a crocodile that was about 2-3 metres long and lived in the Eocene in South America. It has several similarities with dinosaurs, so separate teeth were interpreted as teeth of theropods and a survival of dinosaurs in South America to the Tertiary was supposed until they were definitely collated.

Pencil, 2015

70 x 42 cm

Art & Vielfalt – Impressionen aus der Tierwelt, 2016, Museum für Naturkunde Magdeburg

Mandible of a dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Pencil, 2012
42 x 29,5 cm
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